8-12 July 2024 – Catania – The 2nd edition of the International Conference

Computing and High Performance Computing in A&A

24 June – 05 July 2024 Bologna – Area di

Fundamentals of Data Management Plan and Data Models applied to science

25-26 January 2024 – Trieste – Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste



INAF provides its users with a storage space that can be accessed according to the methods indicated below: Up to


INAF offers access to HPC, HTC or Cloud computing systems. In particular: Link to active calls and past call archive


Growing the expertise of the INAF community in all reference sectors, it is a priority objective to ensure that the

Requests for funds

USC VIII can give financial support to events related to the activities under the jurisdiction of USC VIII (schools, courses,

Informatic services

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Sector 1 – Critical computing

The Critical Computing implementation sector concerns the computational aspects linked to HPC, HTC, Big Data themes; it proposes and organizes activities in general projects, in order to offer infrastructure, innovative

Sector 2 – Data curation

The areas within which Sector 2 «Data Care» will operate will mainly be the archiving, care, preservation and usability of astronomical data and products of astrophysics science, in synergy with

Sector 3 – R&D synergies

The goal of the Research and Development sector is to create an environment where teams within Researchers and Technologists at INAF can easily connect if they’re tackling similar problems. One

Sector 4 – Informatic services

The Sector 4 deals with the maintenance of the Common Software and the organization of the support group at the individual site level. This Sector also has the responsibility of